Calling all policy specialists…we’re hiring!

1 June 2023

Are you passionate about the role that policy and advocacy work can play in benefitting our society? Are you a policy expert or do you have strong research and analytical skills and experience of producing evidence-based reports? Are you excited by the prospect of being part of a ground-breaking initiative to establish a national Academy for the Mathematical Sciences? If so, we have a unique opportunity for you to join us as we establish a Policy Unit, another milestone on the path to creating a the Academy for the Mathematical Sciences.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know then please see the following two vacancies: Policy Manager and Policy Analyst.

In these roles, you will have the opportunity to proactively contribute to national discussions on policy topics that require mathematical sciences input, from artificial intelligence and quantum computing to net zero initiatives, circular economy, biodiversity, and ethics, in addition to playing a vital role in shaping policy reports, papers, and communications on issues concerning the mathematical sciences including education, funding and recruitment.

The Academy anticipates having a number of core areas in which it proactively develops policy positions and/or undertakes [policy] research, with some capacity to respond reactively as new areas emerge on which the Academy wishes to take a stance.  An emerging list of the core areas/activities (not necessarily in order of importance) includes:

Policy for mathematical sciences:

  1. Quantifying the value of mathematics to the UK – possibly a refresh of the 2013 Deloitte Report, to include collecting data on the extent and effectiveness of knowledge exchange.
  2. The people pipeline – including school qualifications (such as maths to 18), teacher supply and retention, and the availability of mathematical sciences undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  3.  Measuring baseline data across a wide range of equality and diversity characteristics.
  4. Collating a searchable repository of existing reports and data on the mathematical sciences.

Mathematical sciences for policy:

  1. Convening and brokering relationships, for example between government and external mathematical sciences experts to complement and strengthen existing links and researchers employed within government..
  2. Responding to calls for evidence from government select committees, for example around the role and limitations of machine learning, the need for diversity in STEM etc.

Key Dates

Closing date for applications: Thursday 22 June 2023

Interviews will be held in week commencing 3 July 2023 (subject to confirmation). Interviews will be online.

The Academy is most grateful to the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences for the support that it is providing during this proto-Academy phase including via EPSRC Grant EP/V521929/1. It is thanks to this support that we are able to establish the Policy Unit during this set-up phase.