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  • Background. This page gives an overview of prior work that led to the creation of the proto-Academy which was tasked to set up and launch the full Academy.
  • Consultation. This page presents detailed findings from the Consultation process, conducted in 2023 to seek views of the community to inform and shape next steps and to identify initial priorities for the Academy’s activities.
  • Mission, Vision and Objectives. This page details information about our vision and objectives that were informed and shaped by feedback received during our Spring/Summer 2023 Consultation.
  • Governance Structure. This page details information about the governance work structure for this proto-Academy set up phase and lists workstreams that are progressing matters so that the Academy is ready to launch during or before the first half of 2025.
  • Charitable (CIO) Status.  This page provides information surrounding our CIO status and our founding Trustees.