Consultation Feedback Report and Response now published

Thank you for all the Consultation feedback during the Consultation. A report on the feedback has been published, as has the Executive Committee's response reflecting the feedback

Consultation Update

We have now published the results of the consultation and a response. Published documents include:

  • An Executive Summary of the Responses to the Consultation, available here.
  • A Detailed Report that presents the responses to the Consultation, anonymised and ordered by theme, available here.
  • AcadMathSci’s Executive Committee’s Response to the Consultation Feedback, available here.
  • A document listing the Questions Asked (and answered) at the Consultation Events is available here. A video recording of these events will be available shortly.

The rest of this web page contains the information published in Summer 2023, before the consultation results were published.


The Academy for the Mathematical Sciences is currently in its “proto-Academy” set-up phase.

Much progress had been made since the appointment in October 2022 of an Executive Director and Executive Committee for the proto-Academy and in Spring 2023 it felt like the perfect time for us to consult the community again to ensure that you everyone had the opportunity to input their views, provide feedback on the work we have done so far, and influence our thinking as we identify priorities and develop the organisational structure of the Academy.

Thus, in April 2023 we launched a Consultation Period, seeking views of the community to inform and shape next steps and to identify initial priorities for the Academy’s activities.

Keen to consult widely, as described below we published a consultation document containing an update on progress, held 5 online Consultation Events and published a consultation questionnaire. The findings from these are currently being analysed and the findings will be reported here in due course.

Consultation Overview

The Consultation Period ran from 26 April to 30 June 2023. As part of this:

1.We published a Progress Update and Consultation Document on 26 April

  • We also produced a Summary document that is available here.
  • The entire document is available as a .pdf here.
  • We partitioned the document and webpages into self-contained sections (linked to below) to make it easier to access only those parts that are of interest to you.
  • It is available as a series of webpages HERE.

2. We published a list of questions on issues where we are actively seeking feedback.

  • The questionnaire is now closed.

3. We arranged five Consultation events during May and June

  • The International Centre for the Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) kindly hosted the first four of these online events which were held on on the following dates:
    • Event 1: Thursday 4 May, 10am – 12 midday
    • Event 2: Tuesday 16 May, 4pm – 5pm
    • Event 3: Wednesday 17 May, 2pm – 4pm
    • Event 4: Wednesday 24 May, 4pm – 5pm
  • At the request of the Early Career (ECMS) workstream we held an additional, more informal, online Consultation Event on Monday 19 June. This included virtual breakout rooms where the discussion was led by members of ECMS.
    • Event 5: Monday 19 June, 7pm – 8pm