Annex A - Timeline

AcadMathSci Consultation Document

Annex A: Timeline

  • January 2018: Bond Review proposes creation of an Academy for the Mathematical Sciences.

A key recommendation of the Bond Review, an independent review facilitated by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Knowledge Transfer Network was that “An Academy for the Mathematical Sciences should be established in order to facilitate links between academia, government and industry. The Academy should act as the focal point and coordinating centre for the community and draw on the deep expertise of the existing learned societies.”

  • June 2020: Big Mathematics Initiative develops the idea of creating such an Academy.

The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS) welcomed the Bond Review and its recommendations. In response, it commissioned its Big Mathematics Initiative (BMI) committees to develop the proposals identified in the Bond Review. The BMI proposed the case for a National Academy for the Mathematical Sciences that would work with existing organisations, bringing together the subject’s diverse fields and advocating for the whole of the mathematical sciences in all regions of the UK.

  • December 2021: CMS Green Paper lays out a possible roadmap for creating an Academy.

A Green Paper, commissioned by CMS and produced for consultation and feedback, laid out a roadmap for how it might be created and might operate. The paper asserted that: “The Academy will bring together the subjects’ diverse voices from pure mathematics through industrial and applied mathematics to statistics and operational research, from academic scholars and teachers of mathematics to practitioners outside academia who use mathematics in their work. [It] will provide a single voice, with opportunities for interaction and parity of recognition afforded to all.

  • January 2022: CMS consults the community.

With the support of Andy Noyes, Chair of the Joint Mathematical Council of the UK (JMC), CMS consults the community including holding a virtual Town Hall.   

  • March 2022: CMS convenes working group to propose next steps.

CMS set up a “Task and Finish Group” (TAFG) to consider the feedback received from the community consultation and to propose next steps bearing in mind the available funding.

  • April 2022: TAFG recommends proceeding to Academy “set-up phase”

TAFG publishes Next Steps paper, including feedback on the consultation, that recommends a “set-up phase” (2022-2025) to develop a detailed, actionable plan for the Academy, secure sources of funding, set up a steady-state governance and fellowship structure, and incorporate and register the organisation. It proposed that at the end of the period,

  • October 2022: Executive Committee and Executive Director are appointed.

The Executive Committee and Executive Director are appointed and workstreams are set up. 

  • March 2023: Announcement of Consultation Period dates.

Four virtual Consultation Events will be held in May 2023. The Consultation Period will run from 26 April 2023 to 30 June 2023.

  • 26 April 2023: AcadMathSci Consultation period begins.

Consultation document, including progress update, is published.  It contains a list of Consultation Questions for the community on issues relating to the development of the full Academy. Advisory Board continues to expand as we work to ensure that its membership spans the full range of our communities.

  • Early summer 2023: Policy Unit appointed.

Recruitment of the proto-Academy’s small Policy Unit (a Policy Manager and Policy Analyst) will begin shortly. 

  • 30 June 2023: AcadMathSci Consultation period ends.

  • Autumn 2023: Feedback on Consultation shared with the mathematical sciences community.

  • Autumn 2023: Application for Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) status.

  • October 2024 (at the latest): Go/No-go decision will be taken

A go/no-go decision will be taken by the CMS by October 2024. This timing is so as to be ready for a launch of the full Academy during or before the first half of 2025. 

  • First half of 2025: Launch of full Academy for the Mathematical Sciences (AcadMathSci).

(Subject to outcome of go/no-go decision).