Annex C - Current Workstreams

AcadMathSci Consultation Document

Annex C: The Academy’s Current Workstreams

The substantial task of progressing matters so that the Academy is ready to launch during or before the first half of 2025 will be delivered through a number of workstreams, each led by a member of the Executive Committee. The workstreams being taken forward – and the members of the Executive Committee leading on each – are as follows.

  1. Academies and Societies including in particular, the relationship with existing learned societies and academies.
    Bernard Silverman is lead for this workstream.
  2. Implementation of Mathematics including articulating the complementary role that the academy should play in the context of existing organisations and knowledge exchange ensuring symbiosis with the developing Knowledge Exchange Hub, formerly Connected Centres Network.
    Christine Currie is lead for this workstream.
  3. Education, working in partnership with others engaged in mathematics education 3-16, post 16 education including apprenticeships, undergraduate mathematics, and numeracy in the general population.
    Lynne McClure is lead for this workstream.
  4. EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion).
    Sara Lombardo is lead for this workstream.
  5. Development and finance including fundraising.
    Simon Yun-Farmbrough is lead for this workstream.
  6. Early career mathematicians (ECMs).
    Tom Coates is lead for this workstream.
  7. Governance and Fellowship including charitable status and proposing a fellowship model.
    Ruth Kaufman is lead for this workstream.
  8. Communications and advocacy for the mathematical sciences, for the academy itself, and for the set-up phase.
    Rachel Bearon is lead for this workstream.
  9. Policy.
    Cathy Hobbs is lead for this workstream.


In addition, there are two overarching workstreams. These will both draw on and influence the work of the above workstreams:

  1. Strategy, including Vision and Purpose; and what the Academy should do and focus on and what it should not, and how that varies with the scale of funds raised.
  2. Planning, including developing – and then seeing through – an actionable plan.

A list of the members of each workstream can be found here: