Early Career Mathematical Scientists Section

AcadMathSci Consultation Document

8. Early Career Mathematical Scientists 

The Academy will reach out to, advocate for, and represent Early Career mathematical scientists in education, academia, and the practice of the mathematical sciences.

Working in collaboration with other organisations in the space, we will bring Early Career mathematical scientists together, determine concrete actions that will improve the lives and careers of people in this group, secure funding for these actions where necessary, and take these actions forward.

Priorities identified by the Early Career workstream to date include a cross-community mentoring scheme, and events and on-line resources focussed on job applications and career progression in the different parts of the mathematical sciences community.

We will organise events – locally, regionally, nationally, and on-line – for Early Career mathematical scientists, helping to build networks, improve career prospects, and build connections within and between different parts of the community.


Q17. How do we ensure that all people who enter the workforce outside academia, with bachelors’ or masters’ degrees or doctorates in mathematical sciences, continue to engage actively with mathematical sciences, and consider themselves to be, mathematical scientists? 

Q18. How do we make sure that the full community of early career mathematical scientists is represented and heard by the Academy  – including early career researchers, teachers, and people working in industry, commerce, and government?

Q19. What actions and activities should the Academy take on to support and build the early career community?

  1. Actions within the communities of practitioners, teachers, and academics.
  2. Actions across the whole early career community.

Q20. What should be our three highest priorities for the early career community?