Launching AcadMathSci's Podcast Series

AcadMathSci is delighted to launch its ‘Intersections’ podcast series.

These interviews and conversations will focus on bringing together the mathematical sciences’ constituent communities and highlighting commonalities. We will be talking with a broad range of people across industry, academia, and education, showcasing the diverse talent and knowledge that we have spanning all aspects mathematical sciences.

Episode 1 

In this first episode, AcadMathSci’s Executive Director Christie Marr interviews the Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists of the STEM for Britain awards, early career mathematical scientists Arkady Wey (Oxford), Jenny Power (Bath) and Chris Hickey (Arup).

The three winners speak about the competition and their experience of showcasing their work to MPs. They discuss the importance of having decision-makers interested in mathematical sciences research, the benefits of knowledge exchange, and the importance of maths communication.

It was really lovely to see how engaged all the politicians were, and how interested they were in our work.

Stem for Britain winners (L to R): Chris Hickey, Arkady Wey, and Jenny Power. Photo Courtesy of the Isaac Newton Institute.