Dr Sofya Lyakhova

Advisory Board

Sofya Lyakhova is a an associate professor of mathematics at Swansea University and is the programme leader for a major national programme to support the study of mathematics post-16 in Wales, the Further Mathematics support Programme Wales (FMSPW) funded by the Welsh Government. Sofya has an extensive experience in teaching mathematics at both school and university levels, teacher professional development, curriculum development and assessment in mathematics.

Sofya has worked on a range of research projects initially in pure mathematics, and later in mathematics education and technology-enhanced learning within the Wales context. She also collaborated with the Welsh Government on the curriculum reform related projects. Sofya holds a PhD in Pure Mathematics from Bristol University and is a qualified secondary mathematics teacher. Prior to joining FMSPW in 2010, she worked in medical technology companies.

Sofya is a Trustee of the Joint Mathematical Council of the UK.

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