Marc Neesam

Advisory Board

Marc Neesam is an education design specialist who has experience in designing and delivering solutions to meet specific needs and enable targeted education reforms. He has experience in curriculum design and development, particularly in scientific subjects, and in improving the quality of teaching and learning in a system through considering teacher supply, pre-service education, in-service professional development and the role of school leadership.

Marc has worked on education reform projects across Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Project highlights include introducing new science and mathematics curriculum, capacity building curriculum development teams, reviewing national education systems and supporting the shift in India towards competency-based learning.

In his career, he has also led on the development of the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Science curriculum which accounted for future trends in science education and considered the alignment of curriculum expectations in science to those in mathematics. He also contributed to the UNICEF Learning Passport project as a science subject specialist.

Marc has worked for Cambridge University Press & Assessment in curriculum development and as Head of Professional Development Solutions, supporting ministries of education and donor organisations with education reform programmes. He currently works for the International Baccalaureate as Head of Academic Collaboration.

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