Nigel Campbell

Executive Committee

Biography: Nigel Campbell retired from the civil service in June 2022 after a career of 32+ years, including 22+ years as a senior civil servant (including equivalent roles at Transport for London and the NHS). He joined HM Treasury as a statistician after BA Maths and MSc Statistics degrees at Oxford. He subsequently became an economist, following an MSc in Economics at the London School of Economics.

Nigel spent most of his career as an economist and/or a policy adviser. He was Chief Analyst of the Prime Minister’s Implementation Unit (Cabinet Office); Director, Policy Analysis, Transport for London; and Head of Delivery Analysis and Covid Data at Defra. He has always enjoyed helping to ensure analysis and mathematical sciences improve public policy and delivery. Mathematical sciences have underpinned almost all of Nigel’s career. He retired because he wanted to spend more time teaching, coaching and mentoring.

Nigel is Adjunct Professor at the University of Southampton. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and of the Royal Statistical Society.

He is excited at the prospect of the mathematical sciences having a single, unified, persuasive voice through a National Academy for Mathematical Sciences. He is hugely looking forward to being chair of the executive committee for this set-up phase.

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