Professor Alain Goriely FRS

Advisory Board

Alain Goriely is a mathematician and scientist with a broad range of interests in mathematical methods, mechanics, sciences, and engineering. He is particularly renowned for his contributions to the field of solid mechanics, both fundamental and applied, and for developing a mathematical theory of biological growth, which he explores in detail in his monograph “The Mathematics of Mechanics in Biological Growth”.

Goriely earned his PhD from the University of Brussels in 1994, where he later became a lecturer. In 1996, he joined the University of Arizona and established a research group within the highly regarded Program of Applied Mathematics. In 2010, he took up a position at the University of Oxford as the inaugural Statutory Professor of Mathematical Modelling and Fellow of St. Catherine’s College. He currently serves as the Director of the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. In addition to his academic work, Goriely is also active in scientific outreach. For his contributions to mathematics and sciences, Goriely was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2022.

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